BAK International Study Centre

Astana, Kazakhstan

Qualification offered:

International Foundation Year

Welcome to the vibrant city of Astana, home to BAK International Study Centre which is dedicated to fostering global education and cultural exchange. Situated in the heart of Kazakhstan, this Study Centre provides a dynamic and enriching environment for students from all corners of the region.

Our centre offers a diverse range of programs, including the NCUK International Foundation Year, designed to meet the evolving needs of students seeking a world-class education and serves as a gateway to the UK and other universities worldwide. From business and humanities to arts, the centre offers a comprehensive selection of courses taught by international and local teachers consisting of experts in their respective fields.

Beyond its academic prowess, BAK embraces the spirit of multiculturalism and global citizenship. Students are immersed in a multicultural setting, providing opportunities for cultural exchange and fostering an appreciation for diversity.

Located in a city known for its modern architecture, this Study Centre provides state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support students in their educational journey. The centre’s commitment to student welfare and success is exemplified through its comprehensive support services, including academic counselling, career guidance, and a vibrant student community.

Welcome to the BAK International Study Centre in Astana! As the Academic Director, i’m thrilled to have you embark on this exciting academic journey. Our institution is committed to providing world-class education, fostering cultural exchange, and serving as your gateway to global opportunities. Enjoy your experience!

Bauyrzhan Uzakbay, Academic Director

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