Matrix International Education Pathways, Uttara*

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Qualification offered:

International Foundation Year

*Matrix International Education Pathways, Uttara is a new Study Centre and delivery of NCUK qualifications is subject to completing NCUK’s accreditation process.

Matrix International Education Pathways (MIE Pathways), Uttara in Bangladesh, is a subsidiary of matrixHEpathways. It offers NCUK’s International Foundation Year, which aims to equip international students with the necessary skills to thrive at English-language universities.

This comprehensive qualification allows students to enhance their subject knowledge, study skills, and English language proficiency. Upon completion, students are well-prepared to pursue undergraduate studies at 45+ esteemed NCUK University Partners.

Study Centres run by matrixHEpathways are well equipped with required infrastructural facilities, including IT and WiFi resources, ensuring state-of-the-art education. The teachers are well-trained to effectively deliver NCUK qualifications using up-to-date course materials. The programme delivery of each Study Centre is monitored and reviewed throughout the academic year and these processes function around the academic cycle. In order to secure our academic standards and enhance academic quality, NCUK directly audits and assures the quality of the Study Centres’ programme delivery through its Quality Assurance Framework.

MIE Pathways, Uttara have all the necessary infrastructure, such as IT and WiFi resources, to provide modern education. Teachers are highly trained and utilise updated course materials to effectively deliver NCUK qualifications. Each Study Centre’s programme delivery is continuously monitored and reviewed throughout the academic year, aligning with the academic cycle. To maintain academic standards and improve quality, NCUK conducts direct audits and ensures the excellence of the Study Centres’ programme delivery through its Quality Assurance Framework.

I warmly welcome you to our NCUK Study Centre run by matrixHEpathways. The matrixHEpathways offers a comprehensive array of pre-university courses tailored to the needs of students, who want to pursue undergraduate programmes in the 45+ NCUK University Partners. At matrixHEpathways, we endeavour to provide personalised and topnotch education delivered by a pool of experienced and well-qualified teachers, who provide a vibrant and stimulating classroom environment.

Ranajit Dastidar PhD (National University of Singapore), Academic Director

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Phone: +880 1329 668445
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