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Mesarya Education House

Mesarya Education House is a newly established centre for an excellent bridge towards global arena. Mesarya aims to offer priority to the improvement of global society, protection of knowledge, to take advantage of cutting edge developments and to encourage creativity from day one.

Mesarya offers an outstanding variety of courses catering wide range of skilled individuals into high competitive world with a head start. Mesarya Education House is proud to be the only provider of NCUK qualifications in Cyprus and leading further education establishment in the region that allows students a successful transition to world of education.

We are excited to welcome student to study NCUK preparatory qualifications that can lead them to leading UK Universities. We are committed to the triumph of every individual towards their global education ambition. We at Mesarya Education House devote ourselves for the excellence of our establishment through the success of our students.

Ali Demirağ, CEO

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Address: Girne Caddesi, No: 32 – Lefkoşa, North Cyprus
Phone: +90 392 228 4989 or +90 533 840 6747

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