Taipei Municipal YuCheng High School

Taipei City, Taiwan

Qualification offered:

International Foundation Year

Taipei Municipal YuCheng High School

Founded in 2002, Yucheng High School puts a lot of emphasis on developing creative courses and creating a conducive learning environment. The school also values learners’ multi-intelligence and the cultivation of personal character. The successive principals all run the school with the core idea of “appreciating every student’s uniqueness and allowing each of them to experience their own sense of achievements.” In addition, the teaching staff is skilled at inspiring students’ creativity, promoting critical thinking ability and enhancing problem-solving competence for the purpose of expanding the profoundness of students’ learning journey.

The school has witnessed students’ achievements in both academic performance and extracurricular activities. The faculty has been continually devoted to developing and designing learning programs based on different academic areas, not only integrating experimental teaching approaches to regular courses, but simultaneously incorporating international education.

Under Principal Chang’s educational guidance and the best endeavour made by school faculty, we truly believe all students who study here are able to experience and explore learning with different dimensions, which will lead them to a brighter future. Students can study the NCUK International Foundation Year here from September 2019.

Yucheng High School sincerely welcomes you to involve yourself in the courses we provide with high expectations, with curiosity about the unknown, and with the possibility of exploring your own potential, and from here to start a brand-new learning journey.

Ms. Chang Hsun Cheng, Principal

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