NCUK in Thailand – PMP Launch & 3 Year Anniversary!


A series of events throughout February and March have been held to mark the 3rd anniversary of NCUK qualifications being offered in Thailand as well as the launch of the Master’s Preparation qualification in Bangkok. The introduction of this NCUK qualification at British Academic Center includes a pre-sessional English qualification which has been designed to get students into universities without the need for IELTs.


Katy Christie, Regional Director at NCUK attended the British Ambassador’s Residence in Thailand last month to celebrate the events along with key staff from the British Council, British Academic Center’s teaching partner.


NCUK are delighted to welcome our first cohort of undergraduate students from Bangkok to NCUK universities. British Academic Center students are now studying degrees in Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Digital Media, Politics, Computer Science and others, many of whom also were offered generous scholarships from university and prize awards from NCUK.

Katy Christie, NCUK Regional Director

Last year, the introduction of the NCUK International Year One in Thailand provided unprecedented access to UK education for Thai students by offering a faster, more affordable and guaranteed* route to university. Students have benefited from a bespoke experience at an institution with an extremely strong academic reputation and success story.


This year, the Master’s Preparation qualification will not only help students achieve the English level required for entry to a Master’s degree in the UK but also give students the study skills necessary to succeed at university when they get there. By studying in Bangkok, students are able to start their English course as soon as they finish their undergraduate degree in Thailand, allowing them to improve their English in time to start studying their UK degree in September. The English Language grade they receive from NCUK is accepted by the NCUK Universities for visa purposes.

NCUK and British Academic Center are proud to be partnered with the British Council. The British Council has a strong reputation not just in Thailand but across the globe, having successfully taught English for many years. NCUK is delighted to have qualified British Council teachers on all the NCUK qualifications.

Amy-Rose Cauley, NCUK Market Development Manager


Students will commence their 9 week Master’s Preparation qualification at the British Council in May this year and NCUK look forward to welcoming them to our universities in the UK this September.

*for full terms and conditions of the NCUK Guarantee, click here