Students graduate from Taipei Municipal Zhong Zheng Senior High School!


Taipei Municipal Zhong Zheng Senior High School recently celebrated the graduation of their second cohort of students from the NCUK International Foundation Year. The ceremony was held on Saturday 3 June 2023 and was attended by over 150 people, including teachers, graduates, parents, student representatives, alumni, and other guests.

Graduate being presented with their certificate

Delivered alongside their high school studies, students graduating this year have been studying the International Foundation Year qualification over the last three years, readily preparing them with the academic and English language skills necessary for university study.

Successful graduates now have guaranteed* entry to NCUK University Partners in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and more.

Students studying the NCUK International Foundation Year at the school can choose from subject modules including Business Studies, Economics, Physics, Mathematics, Art and Design and Biology. With these options and more available to study at the school, students can choose the subject modules that will help them to prepare and progress to a relevant undergraduate degree at university. This year, three students who are progressing to UK universities achieved straight-A grades and received scholarships covering 50% of their tuition fees!

Graduate speaking to guests at ceremony.

These past three years have been incredibly enriching, broadening our learning experiences. We have completed numerous coursework assignments and participated in various cross-national programs. This international curriculum has enhanced our language abilities and global perspective, facilitating international exchanges and equipping us with the skills for international mobility.

Zhang Yutong and Zhu Qingyao, Graduates

In the NCUK International Foundation Year, students not only explore their education and career paths but also learn to step out of their comfort zones and strive for a better future for themselves.

Pamela Chiang, Principal

The graduation ceremony was a heart-warming and celebratory event. We would like to wish graduates the best of luck as they prepare for the next step of their study abroad journey at universities worldwide and thank the staff at the school for hosting this fantastic event.

Graduates of Taipei Municipal Zhong Zheng Senior High School alongside teachers and Principal Pamela Chiang (pictured middle)

Graduates of Taipei Municipal Zhong Zheng Senior High School alongside teachers and Principal Pamela Chiang (pictured middle)