Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas – IFY Graduation & IYOne Launch


Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) said farewell to their first cohort of students after they graduated from the centre in March 2019. The farewell ceremony celebrated the achievements of the class of 2018/19 as they completed the NCUK International Foundation Year and will now be preparing to study at an NCUK University from September 2019 in the United Kingdom.

The ceremony also celebrated the launch of the NCUK International Year One at UPC, with students attending the event being part of the first cohort who will study the qualification in Peru.


The ceremony was held at the residence of the UK’s ambassador in Peru, and was attended by students, parents, UPC staff, representatives of the British Embassy and local press. NCUK Academic Director, Emma Dawkins attended the event where she congratulated the students on all of their hard work and wished them the best of luck on their future studies at university before presenting them with their certificates.

IFY students were thrilled to receive their certificates at the graduation ceremony and “passed the torch” to the incoming IYOne students who will now be studying with UPC before progressing to their second year of university.

Studying the NCUK qualification meant not only receiving the best preparation for studying in the United Kingdom, but also having a team of specialists who provide all their support in front of prestigious universities. NCUK has given us resources, knowledge and support that, along with our passion for learning, will ensure that we become successful college students.

Valentina Vidal, IFY cohort 2018/19


It was a pleasure to attend such a celebratory and well supported graduation and welcome event. The UPC team has done a fantastic job of preparing students for a wide range of university degrees and life in the UK and I am confident that they will continue to do so. Again I would like to congratulate all students who are leaving UPC to pursue their dream of studying abroad and would like to welcome UPC’s newest and growing cohort of students who will be studying the NCUK International Foundation Year and International Year One. On behalf of NCUK, I would like to wish all NCUK students from UPC success in their future studies and fun living and studying in the UK.

Emma Dawkins, NCUK Academic Director


Students in Peru have the option to study the NCUK International Foundation Year and/or the NCUK International Year One at UPC which, upon successful completion, guarantees access* to prestigious NCUK Guaranteed Universities located in the United Kingdom. These qualifications are designed to prepare international students for university study with NCUK supporting students from around the world for over 30 years. For local students who want to study abroad, NCUK and UPC’s collaboration is your best route to university.