How to choose your future university!

Author: Chikaodinaka

Undoubtedly, every university should be of certain standards and crucial qualities, but five key factors stood out for me when I made my decision.

(1) Course ranking – the university had to offer my unique combination of a course and had to have a high-ranking in that course which it did.

(2) the overall academic reputation- I checked all the ranking tables I could comparing and contrasting until I got the best suited for me. This works in unison with the teaching standards because if a university is highly reputable in academics it automatically means their standards in education are high.

(3) Overall student experience – by analysing reviews from students and words of alumni I was able to confirm what I already knew. Also, the university I chose has been voted on the top 3 schools for student experience in the UK for more than a year running so I knew it was an excellent choice because university can’t be solely about academics. All-round involvement and total health of mind and body is key. At my university the engagement level is outstanding so many societies and causes and sports and unions to be part of.

(4) location and cost of living – I chose to be in a practical, beautiful city with lots of things to do and see. Also, weather was something to consider and the standards of living as well. Where I chose is not only student-friendly but amazing all-round

(5) Research standards – I chose a university that is very big on standard and quality research. Asides these other factors such as proximity to home, language barriers, sustainability and safety also come into play.

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