The Gem That is Leeds

Author: Edward

Leeds, probably a name you associate with the football or rugby league club if sports is your thing, but beyond that there is so much more to the beauty of a place that is probably an overlooked UK city.

Kirkstall Abbey is a wonderful historical destination ideal for those of you who enjoy the history of things as it is a ruined Cistercian monastery and an ideal location for a picnic or a few good pictures to light up your social media life. On the same line of interests you would most definitely have to visit the Royal Armouries museum which is on the scenic canal, meaning you get a lesson in the history of a variety of arms and amour but you get to witness a breath taking view. I mean, a history lesson with a scenic view, sign me up for that anytime.

Talking about scenic and peaceful places, how can I forget to mention Roundhay park, being one of the largest parks in Europe, it is the ideal place for a break from everything and simply take in the serenity of the place as it is simply sublime and that explains why it has won awards. It is simply a place you must visit while in Leeds.

If parks and museums do not resonate with your interests, there is still a lot more you can do as the number of bars and restaurants in Leeds is immense and on a Friday or Saturday night, such places come alive offering live music and bands and cuisines from all over the world. A little bit of sunshine and you will find all the beer gardens and bars filled with people basking in the sun while enjoying a drink or two while enjoying a meal and these scenes show you how much these establishments are loved.

There is pretty much something for everyone and you are guaranteed to experience a life changing time during a stay in Leeds, as my friend who studies in Manchester is a witness as she spends almost the same number of weekends in Leeds as in Manchester. Truly, it is a remarkable place and that is why I am proud to call it my city.


If you would like to study in Leeds, NCUK students can progress to either The University of Leeds or Leeds Beckett University.