Melbourne is a coastal city in the south east of Australia and the capital of the state of Victoria. This popular Australian city never sleeps, and it is perfect for those who like wildlife and nature but also enjoy the vibrant and multicultural environment of a busy city.

Places to visit

St Kilda, one of the most popular suburbs of Melbourne, is known for its diverse tourist attractions and its astounding beaches.

You can go to Luna Park and have a ride on its 20 attractions and roller coasters or take a stroll through the famous Fitzroy Street. If you enjoy water sports you can kitesurf, windsurf or dive at St Kilda, or simply relax and sunbathe if you don’t feel that adventurous.

For a hipster vibe, head down to the AC/DC Lane. This vibrant and lively area is full of street art, multicultural cuisine and good music making it the perfect place to enjoy the most alternative social life of Melbourne.

Queen Victoria Market is definitely worth a visit if you like good food, hand-made products, coffee or fashionable clothing. This market has been going for 140 years and currently counts with over 600 shops. There are all sorts of events going on in this vibrant space, so make sure that you keep an eye on their calendar to catch all the updates!

Social Events

Whether you prefer gigs at popular bars or big stages with live music, you will find them in Melbourne. Have a look at the International Jazz Festival, which offers lots of free events and music for 10 days a year.

You can also visit the Arts Precinct if you don’t want to miss out on the great display of art at the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art and many other galleries.

Melbourne is well known for its many theatres and live performances. Visit any of them to enjoy comedy nights, the International Arts Festival, the Australian ballet company and many more. You can find the newest updates for the shows and book your tickets here.


From high end shopping and more affordable brands to lots of entertainment, Chadstone Shopping centre has you covered!

Get through all your shopping before trying the fantastic food that is served at its many bars and restaurants! Chadstone Shopping Centre is also running monthly events, so if you don’t want to miss any click here.


It couldn’t be easier to move around through Melbourne. Train, bus or tram, there is always an option for you. Get a Myki smartcard and top it up with as much credit as you need, and you will be able to use all public transport. Melbourne also has a Night Network running since 2016, so it will always be easy for you to get back home safely no matter the time.

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