Why Study Gaming?

The video game sector has been booming for the past decades and these degrees have become a great study option for those who want to bring together their creativity and their passion for technology and the digital world.

Studying a degree in the Gaming field will enable you to acquire some top technical skills whilst you get to learn more about one of your favourite hobbies. From working with algorithms and data to designing, building and testing your own games, these degree courses will fully prepare you to start a career in one of the most ludicrous industries.

What degree courses can you study at university?

There are a variety of Gaming courses that you could study at university including:

What career could I progress to?

With no shortages of jobs, you’ll find that the possibilities are endless as the variety of Gaming degree courses available can lead you to a multitude of career pathways!


Choose the right degree for you

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Study at world-leading universities

With NCUK, you will have the opportunity to study Gaming at some of the best universities in the world. Have a look below to see an example of how a Gaming degree is taught at RMIT University in Melbourne!


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We can take part in a range of high quality events organised by the university.

Komal Saleem Khan, from Pakistan. BA (Hons) Games Design student at Leeds Beckett University.