British Academic Center students meet NCUK Universities


British Academic Center students were greeted by 11 NCUK Universities at a recent Open House event held at the British Academic Center in Bangkok.

The event gave students the opportunity to discuss with university representatives their future goals and aspirations as well as make final preparation and choices for their applications.


Many prospective students interested in progressing to a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in the UK attended the event and learned more about the NCUK International Foundation Year and the NCUK Master’s Preparation. All students were also invited to attend the many seminars in which the universities shared their knowledge on student life in the UK, careers and work placements and talked about the various subject offerings at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the universities.

Postgraduate study in the UK has always been popular for Thai students but it’s great to see more and more students in Thailand opting for an undergraduate experience gaining three valuable years of study in the UK. By completing their degree in the UK, students have options to do work placements, years in industry or internships and that experience is absolutely invaluable for their future careers.

Amy-Rose Cauley, NCUK Regional Manager


We look forward to seeing which universities our students choose and we can’t wait to welcome them in September.

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