DIFC Ireland & NCUK Medical Symposium Success


This month saw NCUK and DIFC Ireland collaborate to bring their Medical Symposium to Nigeria! The symposium, which was co-ordinated by staff from NCUK and DIFC Ireland, allowed the institutions to share lots of insightful information about studying with them in Ireland.


NCUK Market Development Manager, Andrew Straughan, attended the events in Lagos and Abuja and was delighted to see such a great turnout. Students and parents in Nigeria learnt more about the extraordinary study opportunity that the International Foundation Year Medicine Pathway presents from NCUK, DIFC Ireland as well as staff from NCUK Universities.

It was a pleasure to be able to provide the attendees with a guest lecture by top leading academics such as Brian Boag, Associate Dean International from the University of Salford on ‘Public Health’ and Dr. Kofi Asare-Addo, Senior Lecturer at the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Huddersfield.

DIFC, working in collaboration with NCUK, deliver the International Foundation Year in Dublin and Cork with a huge range of success and long-standing affiliation with Nigeria.

This event was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the unique advantages of NCUK qualifications and the experienced Study Centres within the NCUK Global Network. Even more importantly, it also afforded prospective students the opportunity to engage directly with academics within the university faculties of Applied Sciences and Public Health, both areas of huge importance and public interest within Nigeria.

Andrew Straughan, Market Development Manager


We are looking forward to seeing students taking the International Foundation Year Medicine Pathway, which upon successful completion will guarantee them access to thousands of medical related degrees.  

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