NCUK Hosts Successful Student Counsellor Training Event in Beijing


NCUK recently organised a highly informative and engaging Counsellor Training event, bringing together Student Counsellors from various NCUK Study Centres across China. The event aimed to equip counsellors with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide comprehensive support to students aspiring to study in the UK and beyond.

lewis ryan

The agenda for the event covered a wide range of topics crucial for student counsellors. It began with a warm welcome speech by Harry Feng, Regional Director of NCUK China, followed by insightful sessions on UK visa and immigration processes, accommodation, scholarships, and the UCAS application process, led by the experienced Student Support Manager, Lewis Ryan, together with Amber Wang, Student Recruitment & Conversion Executive for China, and Wyman Huang, Applicant Support Officer. Throughout the sessions, Lewis provided thorough answers to the questions raised by the counsellors, demonstrating NCUK’s commitment to assisting students and counsellors in various aspects of their application journey, including visa application guidance, crafting student statements and preferences, and facilitating communication with NCUK University Partners.

Lewis Ryan and Wayne Hao

A highlight of the event was an interview conducted by Lewis Ryan with Wayne Hao, a representative from the study centres and the Director of NCUK Shenyang, Shenzhen, and HIT-Weihai in China. Wayne shared valuable insights on effective communication strategies with students and parents at the study centres. Wayne addressed common questions from students and parents, such as how the English for Academic Purposes module in the provides comprehensive English language skills, including presentation techniques and academic writing, which are essential for success in university studies.

Another significant component of the event was the panel discussion featuring representatives from esteemed universities, including the University of Birmingham, the University of Huddersfield, the University of Sheffield, and the University of Leeds. The panel members provided valuable guidance and clarification on various aspects of the student application process. They addressed counsellors’ questions regarding personal statements, course preferences, and the timeline for universities to respond to student applications. The representatives also highlighted the unique strengths and popular programs offered by their respective universities, empowering counsellors to provide well-informed guidance to students.

university panel

The Counsellor Training event was a success, leaving student counsellors better equipped to support students in their international education journey. By fostering a strong network of knowledgeable and well-prepared student counsellors, NCUK continues to demonstrate its commitment to opening doors to world-class education for aspiring students. Through events like these, NCUK reinforces its position as a leading provider of international education pathways, dedicated to empowering students to achieve their academic goals and unlock a world of opportunities.

NCUK has established more than 40 study centres across China and have forged long-term partnerships with over 50 renowned universities spanning the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. As a bridge connecting Chinese students with top-tier overseas universities, NCUK will continue to pave a smooth path for ambitious learners to access high-quality higher education.