NCUK Launches IFY in Ghana!


NCUK is delighted to launch a new partnership in Ghana with Global Heritage Professional College (GHPC) offering students the opportunity to study NCUK’s International Foundation Year in Ghana. By studying and successfully completing this qualification, students will have guaranteed access* to NCUK Guaranteed Universities where they can study their undergraduate degrees.


We are so grateful for this partnership between NCUK and GHPC. We look forward to work in partnership with all stakeholders to make British Quality education reachable and more affordable. We are positive that this partnership will provide great opportunities for Ghanaian students.

David Atsutse, GHPC Director

The partnership that NCUK and GHPC share is the first time that NCUK qualifications will be offered to Ghanaian students with GHPC aiming to build on NCUK success elsewhere across Africa.

Offering the NCUK International Foundation Year from September, GHPC aspires to offer the full selection of NCUK qualifications (which also includes the NCUK International Year One and the NCUK Master’s Preparation). GHPC has an ambitious growth plan and is planning to move from their current site to a purpose built campus by 2021!

The launch of the new offer in Ghana was met with much excitement from a packed room of parents, school heads and press with many interesting questions. We are confidant that our offer in Ghana will meet the growing demand for international programmes available locally to Ghanaian students.

Maria McKenna, Regional Director


Applications are now open to study the IFY at GHPC. If you would like to get in touch with GHPC, please use the contact details below:

Phone: 0208940004 or 030 279 9173
Email: or

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*for full terms and conditions of the NCUK Guarantee, click here