NCUK Launches in Morocco!


On January 16th, NCUK and London Academy Casablanca officially announced their partnership, allowing Moroccan students to study an NCUK qualification in-country and progress to an NCUK University.

London Academy Casablanca will be delivering several NCUK qualifications including the International Foundation Year (IFY) and the Master’s Preparation (PMP) which will both be taught to students from October 2019. From July 2019, students will be able to study the Pre-IFY which will prepare students for the IFY in October. This means that students who study with London Academy Casablanca later this year will not only be able to progress to university in September 2020 but also be provided with guaranteed access* to the NCUK Guaranteed Universities!

PR launch

This brand new partnership with London Academy Casablanca represents a fantastic new opportunity for students from across Morocco and North Africa to study on world-class pathway qualifications with a huge and exciting range of progression options.

As a partner, London Academy demonstrates all of the crucial attributes that NCUK demands from any partnership. In particular there are exciting and ambitious plans in place for the continued development of the school, including the pioneering use of technology and e-learning, something which is also aligned to NCUK’s own strategy. Most importantly, there is an absolute focus on quality and providing a fantastic learning environment for students, something future NCUK students in Morocco will be able to benefit from.

Andrew Straughan, NCUK Market Development Manager

London academy school

As part of the launch, a press conference was held at the site for the PMP which was fantastically attended by the Moroccan press. This was followed by a cocktail VIP reception which was attended by a significant number of parents and key figures within Casablanca, all of whom seemed to appreciate the opportunities this partnership will bring and also how it opens to door to world class universities in the UK.

Dr Samir Benmakhlouf Ph.D, the founder and Managing Director of London Academy Casablanca, completed proceedings.

NCUK and London Academy Casablanca have also taken part in British Council Exhibitions in Rabat and Casablanca which have afforded a great opportunity to meet potential students from a range of academic backgrounds (including the Moroccan Baccalaureate) and offer guidance and support on their potential next steps.

We would like to congratulate London Academy Casablanca on becoming an NCUK Study Centre and wish them every success.

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*for full terms and conditions of the NCUK Guarantee, click here