Professor John Brewer visits China


Professor John Brewer, CEO of NCUK had the pleasure of attending a partner welcome evening during his recent visit to China. The dinner took place on Tuesday 3 December and it presented John with the opportunity to meet with representatives from the NCUK China network.

Harry Feng, NCUK’s Market Development Manager for China, delivered the opening speech by welcoming partners and valued guests to attend John’s welcome dinner in Beijing and introduced the NCUK China team.

john china


John was delighted to meet with the many NCUK delegates who travelled from ChengduQingdaoNingboHuai’an and Suzhou. The evening provided an excellent opportunity for John to speak to the delegates about the plans in place for NCUK and it also gave the NCUK China representatives a chance to share their thoughts and plans with the many NCUK Study Centres across China.

During the dinner, John also delivered his sincere congratulations to the Cogdel Group in marking their 20th anniversary year with NCUK. A representative from Cogdel Group was presented with a token of commemoration to take back to Cogdel’s headquarters.

china john

China is a mature market for NCUK, yet we continue to grow in reach and reputation in China and in our partnerships.

Professor John Brewer, NCUK Chief Executive Officer

John also expressed his warm welcome to China partners. He highlighted the importance of the quality of education, the support NCUK offers to students and the priority for NCUK and its partners of always placing students at the heart of what they do.

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