Quality-assured qualifications

Qualifications Designed for University

We are committed to delivering high-quality qualifications that provide aspirational students with a pathway to leading universities worldwide. To develop our qualifications, we work closely with our University Partners to ensure that our programmes meet the standards required by universities globally while also meeting the specific needs of our students.

Developing the Curriculum

Our curriculum development involves close collaboration between subject matter experts and our University Partners, ensuring that we deliver a syllabus that is academically rigorous and globally recognised. Our University Partners provide input on the content and structure of the curriculum, ensuring that it meets international academic standards and reflects the latest developments in each subject area.

English for Academic Purposes

All NCUK qualifications contain an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) module, created by experienced English language professionals, designed to improve the English language skills of international students. The EAP module covers a range of topics, including academic writing, reading, note-taking, presentation skills and critical thinking, and is accepted by most NCUK University Partners as proof of English proficiency. By including the EAP module in our qualifications, NCUK aims to provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in higher education and increase their opportunities in pursuing higher education and employment opportunities globally.

Assessment Development

Our assessments are also developed with input from our University Partners and are designed to assess our students’ knowledge, understanding, and skills holistically. Our assessments undergo rigorous testing and review before implementation, and we work closely with our University Partners to ensure that our assessments accurately reflect the demands of higher education.

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Marking and Moderation

To maintain the quality and integrity of our assessments, we ensure all our assessments are marked and moderated according to internationally recognised standards. We ensure that all marking and moderation processes are consistent across all Delivery Partners and that each student’s work is assessed fairly and consistently.

Assessment Boards

NCUK assessment boards are responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of assessments across our global network of Delivery Partners. Our assessment boards provide independent scrutiny of the assessment process and ensure that the marking is standardised across locations, enabling all students to be assessed fairly and consistently.

At NCUK, we place great value on quality assurance, working closely with our university partners at every stage of the qualification cycle and ensuring that our qualifications meet or exceed international standards. This approach to quality assurance ensures that our students receive a high-quality education and qualification, providing them with the best possible chance of success in their academic and professional careers.


NCUK qualifications are developed with universities – like ours – which is why they are trusted by universities around the world.

Jo Purves, Pro-Vice Chancellor Academic DevelopmentUniversity of Salford.

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