What we offer

At NCUK, our aim is to offer world-class educational programmes to aspirational students, enabling them to progress to leading universities worldwide and succeed when they get there. To achieve this, we have established a licencing model for educational institutions seeking to deliver our qualifications.

How does it work?

NCUK licenses its qualifications and services to Delivery Partners – organisations that provide teaching and university progression services (known as ‘NCUK Study Centres’). These Study Centres enable students to achieve their qualifications and progress to NCUK University Partners around the world. Our licensing agreement involves a rigorous accreditation process that guarantees the Study Centre adheres to NCUK’s high academic standards, ensuring quality and consistency in programme delivery worldwide.

Delivery Models

NCUK’s delivery models offer students and our Delivery Partners a great degree of flexibility. Whether your students are looking to transition from school-level studies to higher education, develop their academic and English language skills further, or gain access to a leading university qualification without leaving home, NCUK has the perfect solution for them.

Undergraduate Degree Pathway Qualifications

With our range of undergraduate degree pathway qualifications, NCUK can provide students with the perfect level of support and educational opportunities they need to succeed.
Our qualifications span across multiple university degree-equivalent levels and provide direct entry to the first year (International Foundation Year), second year (International Year One), or third year (International Year Two) of a bachelor’s degree at an NCUK University Partner, giving you and your students more varied choice when choosing your offering.


We understand that each of our Delivery Partners is unique in their goals and needs which is why we provide opportunities to deliver multiple qualifications and offer a unique study abroad experience suited for your target market.

Full Degree Completion

Thanks to our unique relationships with our University Partners, we can also help to establish full degree completion with students studying their entire undergraduate degree programme at your institution.

Read more about an example of full degree completion at NCUK Delivery Partner, The Sino-British College (SBC).

Postgraduate degree pathway qualifications

For students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in their native language and want to study a master’s degree at an english-medium university, NCUK also offers a range of Master’s Preparation qualifications to help transition these students into university and help them succeed when they get there.

Designed to be delivered over 10, 20 or 30 weeks, our Master’s Preparation qualifications will provide your students with the academic and English language skills needed to successfully complete a masters’ degree at an NCUK University Partner.

No matter which delivery model is chosen, all NCUK qualifications include rigorous quality standards, giving students peace of mind that they are receiving a high-quality education.

Delivery Partners’ Roles and Responsibilities

NCUK works with a wide range of institutions from high schools and independent colleges to universities and private tuition centres. NCUK is proud to have a wide range of Delivery Partners to suit every student and their varying needs. We don’t have a one size fits all approach but look for institutions that can demonstrate a passion and understanding of international education and a willingness to help their students succeed.

NCUK Delivery Partners play a vital role in delivering high-quality educational programmes to students around the world. Delivery Partners must adhere to the rigorous standards set by NCUK and aim to provide students with a rich and rewarding educational experience. Here are some of the essential roles and responsibilities of an NCUK Delivery Partner:

Delivery of NCUK Qualifications

  • Managing the delivery of NCUK qualifications at the centre and ensuring that they comply with academic frameworks, and syllabuses.
  • Ensuring that students meet our minimum entry criteria for the relevant qualifications and that all regulations and procedures are followed.
  • Providing secure facilities and procedures for all assessments specified by NCUK.


  • Employing academic managers, student support and teaching staff in compliance with the NCUK guidelines.
  • Providing appropriate induction and development programmes for staff and arranging training and support when necessary.

Student Recruitment and University Counselling

  • Recruitment and registration of students onto NCUK qualifications
  • Providing suitable counselling and university application support to students relating to their progression to an NCUK University Partner.

All educational institutions that wish to deliver our qualifications must go through an accreditation process.

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