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If your institution is seeking to expand its academic offerings and provide your students with a high-quality education experience, consider becoming an accredited NCUK Delivery Partner. Our global network of NCUK Delivery Partners are renowned for delivering rigorous and globally recognised qualifications, and you too can benefit from their experience by joining us as a Delivery Partner.

Why become a Delivery Partner?

At NCUK, we understand that institutions we work with are unique and have their own objectives, classroom sizes, and student audiences which is why we adopt a bespoke relationship approach to help your institution succeed.


Internationally Recognised Qualifications

Gain access to globally recognised qualifications that can provide a pathway to thousands of degree courses at leading universities worldwide.

Global Reputation

NCUK’s reputation for delivering high-quality qualifications can help institutions attract more students and expand their reach. In 2022, NCUK qualifications generated approximately £37 million in tuition fee revenue for its Delivery Partner network.

Access to NCUK’s University Partnerships

Delivery Partners benefit from NCUK’s partnerships with numerous universities worldwide. Through these partnerships, universities can attend events at your institution, discuss student applications, provide admission counselling to students, and maintain links between the university and your institution.

Expert Support

NCUK provides institutions with expert support and resources for delivering its programmes including access to marketing resources, academic support, university application support, teacher training, and quality assurance.

Networking Opportunities

NCUK Delivery Partners have the opportunity to network with other institutions in the NCUK network, share best practices, and collaborate on projects.


Natasha Chopras

Natasha Chopras

NCUK is a fabulous pathway and progression option for international students wanting to study abroad at university. The trust and faith that has been placed in our organisation is inspiring and motivating.

Managing Director
TC Global, India

Dr. Edward Roekaert Embrechts

Dr. Edward Roekaert Embrechts

We feel proud of the fact we are building a bridge between Peru and the rest of the world, allowing Peru's young talent to have access to great world-class universities.

President, CEO & Rector
Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), Peru

Dr Femi Ogunsanya

Dr Femi Ogunsanya

Our partnership with NCUK is one that thrives on quality, excellence, integrity and fulfilment of aspirations through hands-on operations and strategies.

Managing Director
Oxbridge Tutorial College

Benefits for your Students

As an NCUK Delivery Partner, your students can benefit from:

Recognised Pathway to Higher Education

Our qualifications are recognised across the world as providing a reliable and comprehensive pathway to higher education. Students who successfully complete our qualifications have the opportunity to progress to leading universities worldwide.

High-Quality Education

Our qualifications are designed to fully prepare students for university study, providing them with the academic and English language skills needed to succeed. Our curriculum is developed and verified by our University Partners, ensuring that our qualifications align with the highest academic standards.


Guaranteed Entry to University

Students who successfully complete an NCUK qualification and submit university applications through NCUK will be guaranteed* entry to an NCUK University Partner.


Comprehensive University Application Support

We provide your students with comprehensive university application support to ensure that they receive the best university education possible. Our expert team provides application assistance helping your students to prepare for interviews and help them to submit high-quality applications. We also offer pre-departure guidance, which provides students with valuable information on visa applications, health and safety, accommodation options, and cultural adaptation, ensuring they are well-equipped for their study abroad experience.

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