A City Balanced as All Things Should Be

Author: Aleksandra

Manchester is a city that grew to love dearly and that now is forever in my heart.

More than just a tourist attraction, Manchester is a city to live in. Manchester is all about the atmosphere, the people and the life. It is about the experiences that you get. Often chaotic and over the top, the city of Manchester is a destination for those who want to experience it all. It is easy to get around even without using public transport; it doesn’t overwhelm you like London does. It is quiet enough for you to enjoy life and sit with a friend in a café, to study, to walk through a nearby park or just around the city centre. There is always something to do here.

Gigs and concerts for every music taste take place at the Academy, at the Arenas, at RNCM concert hall, at Apollo or the Ritz. A lot of big artists from all over the world come to Manchester to perform and I have definitely had a chance to cross some artists off my bucket list! Some parts of the city live and breathe sports and if it’s not happening at the Manchester Arena, you can find bars and pubs filled with fans watching sporting events and cheering on their teams.

If you are into going out (or are willing to try) the nightlife in Manchester is exceptional. Definitely not as expensive as other major cities places in the world, it can be as fancy and glamorous or as chaotic and down-to-earth as you make it. Fuelled by students from universities in and around Manchester, clubs and bars are always packed with young people from all over the world enjoying themselves.

If you are a big film fan, the cinemas in Manchester are easily accessible and have midnight premiere screenings featuring films from famous franchises with people dressing up as characters and buzzing with excitement.

If you like to travel, choosing Manchester will mean that you are basically in the centre of the UK which means that it will take about the same amount of time to get to the north and south of the country, allowing you to explore other cities in reasonable time.

Whether you are used to living in a giant busy city or in a small rural town, Manchester is a chance for you to experience something new without being overwhelmed by the change.


If you would like to study in Manchester, NCUK students can progress to either The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University or Salford University.