NCUK announces new partnership with Twin International College


In an exciting development, NCUK has announced its partnership with Twin International College, enhancing academic opportunities for students worldwide. Twin International College, renowned for its exceptional educational services, will deliver NCUK’s International Foundation Year at its state-of-the-art school facility in Greenwich, London from October 2024.

Students walking in building


Founded in 1995, Twin boasts over 25 years of experience in English language education, with accreditation from the British Council. The institution’s commitment to quality education is further underscored by inspections from Ofsted and the Independent Schools Inspectorate, ensuring a high standard of learning for all students.

With a focus on empowering students for future success, Twin serves as a bridge not only to prestigious degrees but also to thriving careers. The NCUK International Foundation Year offered through this partnership provides students with the essential academic and English language skills that will enable them to progress to leading universities worldwide.

We look forward to joining Twin International College in welcoming students to their institution to study the NCUK International Foundation Year later this year.

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