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Are you looking for private accommodation at university this September?

NCUK can help you get there. We are pleased to offer international students who are applying to university in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Exeter, Edinburgh, London, Newcastle and Coventry the best accommodation deals and services.

Private accommodation

Private accommodation (or private halls of residence) are similar to normal accommodation options, the only difference being that they are not owned by universities themselves and are usually part of a chain of purpose-built accommodation. Due to many of these accommodations offering rooms to students at different universities in the local area, this is a great chance to meet with lots of different people!

Why choose private accommodation with NCUK?

NCUK has a number of different accommodation options open for students, with those who book via NCUK gaining a FREE gift! Depending on your accommodation, by using the code ‘NCUK‘ when booking, you could get one of the following free gifts which include a welcome pack including a face mask, hand sanitiser and a reusable coffee mug, plus your choice of:

  • Bedding pack including dressing gown, slippers, duvet, pillows and bed linens worth over £100
  • Wellbeing pack including five free massages, White Company gift set and free yoga sessions worth over £100
  • Fitness pack including a block of three personal training sessions and gym accessories worth over £100

Where are these accommodations located?

There are several accommodation locations throughout the UK that are ready to welcome you! NCUK is partnered with Downing Students in Manchester, London, Exeter, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Coventry, and IconInc in Liverpool and Leeds. Many of these locations are where NCUK Universities are located, making them an even better option for you to consider!

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