St. George's University

St. George's University

St George’s University, Grenada is a top choice for students looking to study internationally. Known for its medical school, the university has a reputation for academic excellence. The university boasts a diverse student body from over 140 countries, providing a truly international experience.

By studying abroad in Grenada, students can access this esteemed institution and embark on a journey of academic and personal growth.

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Life at St. George's University

Student Life at St. George's University

St George’s University, Grenada offers a unique Caribbean experience. Student life here is vibrant and diverse; students actively take part in a wide range of student organisations and events to create a lively and diverse campus community next to the breathtaking lapis blue waters and extraordinary reefs of the Caribbean Sea.

The university’s stunning location offers students the opportunity to explore Grenada’s beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. Students can dive into the crystal-clear Caribbean waters or hike the Grand Etang Forest in the morning and return to campus for lectures in the afternoon. Students can immerse themselves in Grenada’s rich history and enjoy the unique blend of African, English and French cultures found on the island of Grenada.

Careers at St. George's University

St George’s University in Grenada provides comprehensive career support for its students. The Office of Career Guidance and Student Development (OCGSD) is designed to assist medical students in their pursuit of obtaining postgraduate residencies and postgraduate opportunities. Complete information on examination requirements, clinical timeline guidance, and obtaining postgraduate training is provided to help students navigate the residency application process.

The OCGSD also advises students on USMLE preparation, counsels students in speciality and residency selection, interview skills, CV/PS preparation, and the residency application process in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other non-US programs.

City Life at St. George's University

Situated on the picturesque island of Grenada, St George’s University offers a unique Caribbean study experience. The island of Grenada is home to some of the most varied terrain in the Caribbean, from mountains and rainforests to stunning mangroves and dwarf forests. Students can forge new friendships while enjoying a variety of activities including diving, kayaking, and windsurfing. Hiking through Grand Etang National Park is also not to be missed and offers students magnificent vistas and Caribbean stunning flora and fauna.

Grenada’s capital, St. George’s, is a picturesque city with red-tiled roofed shops and homes dotting the hillside around a beautiful horseshoe-shaped harbour. The city provides students with numerous options for dining including traditional intercontinental fare and creative local cuisine. Studying abroad at St George’s University allows international students to enjoy this unique cultural experience.

Student Support at St. George's University

St George’s University provides robust student welfare and academic support. The university provides various services, such as individualised academic development programmes for students to guide them through their academic journeys, personal counselling to support emotional well-being, and career guidance to prepare students for life after graduation.

The University’s Office of Career Guidance and Student Development also offers resources tailored to the needs of international students. Studying at St George’s University ensures you a supportive and enriching academic environment amidst the Caribbean setting.

Student Accommodation at St. George's University

St George’s University offers comfortable and secure accommodation options for international students. The university’s beautifully designed living spaces have been created to provide a wide range of accommodations to best suit the needs of the multi-aged and multicultural student community. The Grand Anse Housing Complex, one of the university’s halls of residence, offers a variety of room types with different price ranges. Each unit is equipped with essential furnishings and provides easy access to campus facilities.

By studying in Grenada, international students can enjoy these quality accommodations while experiencing an enriching study abroad journey.

Facilities at St. George's University

St George’s University in Grenada offers excellent facilities to support a comprehensive learning experience. The university houses advanced science and computer labs, spacious lecture halls equipped with the latest technology, and sports facilities including a fitness centre.

The university’s Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF) provides unique research opportunities. By studying abroad in Grenada, international students can utilise these facilities, ensuring a fulfilling study abroad experience.

Sports & Clubs at St. George's University

St George’s University in Grenada hosts a range of sports teams and clubs, offering opportunities to participate in cricket, sailing, and more.

The university also hosts various societies, including the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations and the SGU Photography Club, providing avenues for students to pursue their passions outside the classroom. By studying at St George’s, international students can enjoy a balanced and fulfilling study abroad experience.

Sustainability at St. George's University

St George’s University in Grenada has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The university’s policies aim to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. Their commitment to sustainability aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Studying at St George’s University offers international students a chance to be part of this green initiative.

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Additional Scholarship Options

St. George’s University offers scholarships for international undergraduate students. You can find more information about St George’s University’s scholarships here.

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