How an International Year One Qualification Will Help You Study Abroad


The Benefits of Studying the International Year One with NCUK

If you’re looking to benefit from studying abroad at university, the International Year One qualification could be your pathway to success. It offers seamless progression to the second year of an extensive range of university degree courses with guaranteed* entry, and stands out as a cost-effective and accessible choice for ambitious learners.

Seamless Progression to The Second Year

One of the key advantages of the International Year One qualification is being able to progress directly to the second year of a University degree abroad, continuing your studies at top-tier universities in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand.

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Guaranteed* University Entry

If you have a specific university in mind, the International Year One qualification gives you the reassurance of guaranteed entry as long as you meet the necessary requirements and successfully complete the qualification. It means you can bypass the competitive university application process and have a clear pathway towards achieving your academic goals.

Wide Range of Degree Courses 

The International Year One qualification opens doors to a vast array of degree courses with hundreds of options across various disciplines including business, engineering, computer science, arts and more. With the International Year One qualification, you can explore a wide range of academic interests.


With tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses, studying abroad can be very costly. But as the International Year One qualification can be studied locally at an NCUK Study Centre, you can complete the initial phase of your university journey in your home country, significantly reducing the financial burden. By using these Study Centres, you can access high-quality education at a fraction of the cost of studying abroad from day one.


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The International Year One qualification is an exceptional choice for students wanting to pursue a university degree, helping you progress to the second year of a degree with guaranteed entry to prestigious universities without the usual costs of studying abroad.

Our resource centre will show you what courses are available and help you find your nearest Study Centre – or you can talk to our team directly here.

*To read the full terms and conditions of NCUK’s Guarantee click here.