A Closer Look at Educational Excellence: NCUK Conducts Formal Review Visits to Study Centres Across China


From 16 to 25 October, NCUK representatives visited 11 Study Centres across 5 cities in China where they conducted a series of formal review visits and relationship-building meetings with Study Centre management and senior leaders in China.

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The purpose of these visits is to assess the Study Centres’ ability to deliver NCUK qualifications and to foster stronger relationships with the study centre management. During these visits, NCUK Associate Director for Programme Delivery, Nazlin Karim and  NCUK Programme Delivery Manager, Bow Martin, engaged in in-depth discussions with the school management, Academic Managers,  teachers, counsellors and students. These discussions provided valuable insights into the schools’ capabilities, quality of teaching and learning and overall performance in delivering NCUK qualifications.

NCUK takes pride in the exceptional academic delivery of our Study Centres, ensuring that our qualifications are upheld to the highest standards. Witnessing the exemplary delivery of our qualifications during the visits to Study Centres was truly gratifying and meeting the teachers and students was an absolute joy

NCUK Associate Director for Programme Delivery, Nazlin Karim

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Through the visits, NCUK gained detailed knowledge about each Study Centre’s strengths. This information served as a foundation for guiding and supporting academic staff on the uniqueness of the NCUK qualifications with an aim to ensure that our Study Centre continuously improve in their delivery and to ensure students achieve better outcomes.

We have been in partnership with NCUK over many years who have very supportive all the way. However, NCUK’s recent visit by the Programme Delivery team fosters closer connection with our academic team at Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai International Study Centre. This year we have marked a significant increase in the number of students and it was good to see NCUK extending  expertise to ensure not only we succeed in our academic delivery and improve quality  but to ensure that we put the right resources to sustain the growth. Personally, I found the visit very productive and helpful.

Wayne Hao, (Director NCUK Shenyang/Shenzhen/HIT-Weihai)

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These visits not only provided an opportunity for NCUK representatives to evaluate the study centres but also allowed them to strengthen their partnerships with the management and senior leaders.

By building these relationships, NCUK aims to enhance collaboration and ensure a seamless delivery of NCUK qualifications.

NCUK would like to thank Study Centres New Oriental, Harbin Institute of Technology, Wuhan Britain China School, Xiang Jiang International High School, Hebei University of Technology, Wisesent International Education Center, International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing 35 High School, Beijing AIDI School, The Sino British College for their time and for welcoming NCUK representatives.

As NCUK continues to expand its global network of Study Centres, such visits serve as a testament to the dedication to providing quality education and facilitating the transition of international students to renowned universities in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many more popular study destinations.

NCUK has a current network of 120+ Study Centres across 35 countries. If you would like to enquire about partnering with us, click here.