NCUK Summer School 2018 Success!


As summer draws to a close, NCUK is reflecting on another exciting period as we partnered with Leeds Beckett University to host the NCUK Summer School which ran from Monday 18th July – Friday 27th July.

The summer school gave international students a chance to visit the UK where they spent their time at several of the NCUK Universities including the University of Bradford, the University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, The University of Manchester, the University of Salford, The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

Summer School

Whilst in the UK they got the chance to look around the campuses at these universities, and not only that but they had the chance to improve their English, experience UK academic teaching first-hand and learn about British culture!

Ambassadors from Leeds Beckett assisted the Summer School students from place to place and provided activities for the students to take part in as well as answering burning questions that they had about UK living and studying in the UK.

NCUK Market Development Director Georgina Jones spoke highly of the Summer School and the involvement of NCUK Universities,

Leeds Beckett has done a fantastic job in not only supporting NCUK in setting up and hosting the NCUK Summer School, but also in providing these international students with interesting and vital information that will help them moving forward with their studies. I would also like to thank the other NCUK Universities involved that have supported NCUK and Leeds Beckett University in this venture!

Georgina Jones

NCUK staff managed to spend some time with the students who attended the Summer School and got some excellent feedback from them! When asked if he would recommend the NCUK Summer School, Santiago Garcia Balmont said:

Of course, it is really helpful and unlike other programmes it offers a direct approach to your career path.

When asked if the NCUK Summer School had helped her decision to study in the UK, Almudena Astere said,

Yes, it has definitely helped me in my decision because I’m not only basing my decision on ranking, but also on student life, accommodation, and activities to do in the city.

Overall the NCUK Summer School has been a success and we have to thank Leeds Beckett University in working with us to provide this opportunity to international students.

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Summer School at Salford