NCUK and Taipei School Alliance Launch Event

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The partnership between NCUK and Taipei School Alliance, which officially launched in 2019, has been successful in providing students from Taiwan with the qualification and skills they need to progress to university.

We are pleased to share the news that a further three Taipei Schools will be offering the NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY) this year including Taipei Municipal Chenggong High SchoolTaipei Municipal Wanfang High School and Taipei Municipal Jingmei Girls High School. Additionally, starting from this new school year, Taipei Municipal Zhong Zheng Senior High School will be the main quality-control Study Centre in Taiwan.

From this new semester, the following streams will be provided for Taiwanese students to study:

The event itself will feature speeches from a number of distinguished guests which includes Tsan Chin Tseng, Commissioner from the Department of Education, Taipei City Government, Jin Rong Xiao, President of the Union of Senior High School Parent Association of Taipei and Georgina Jones, NCUK Market Development Director. A greetings video from Professor John Brewer, Chief Executive Officer of NCUK will be played at the beginning of the event.

Principals from four of the Taipei schools will also be in attendance and delivering speeches including Pamela Chiang from Zhong Zheng Senior High School, Ching-Hsiang Yu from Chenggong High School, Wei-Jui Liu from Wanfang High School and Yu-Bo Huang from Jingmei Girls High School.

The end of the event will feature representation from NCUK Universities as Aston University, the University of Leeds, Queen Mary University of London and the University of South Australia all deliver speeches.

We wish all students and staff at these Study Centres the very best of luck!

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